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I've added some interesting things that have happened in the process of writing my novels, etc.



Wow--have I got an interesting story to share with you about this book!
I was nosing about on another website and saw this picture of a handsome man in full pirate gear. I nearly fell out of my chair as the man was the spitting image of the hero in my novel! ...right down to the red and white ruffled shirt!
...check it out in this teaser from the novel...

 … He was drenched in seawater and the fine white sand glittered like diamonds off his bronzed skin. The long-sleeved red shirt clung to his body, adorned with wide white ruffled lace along where the buttons might have been. Esa couldn’t tell if there were any buttons as the shirt hung open from the waist, exposing a broad, hairy chest and a six pack that would leave any hot-blooded female thirsting for the entire keg.    

     She swallowed, forcing her suddenly ravenous eyes passed his manly chest and down his body. She gasped. The high-waisted black pants were sopping wet and rather snug, outlining a generous bulge and strong thighs before disappearing into black leather boots mid-calf. Long black hair hugged the saturated…

...See what I mean?!
I inquired as to whether or not I might be able to use the photo on my website and was informed of who the hunky model was...Cherif Fortin. While he doesn't currently model romance covers, I found a few other uncanny similarities between the man & my hero...
As it happens, Cherif is also a painter, Jacque LaFleur is a painter....Cherif is French Canadian, the hero in the novel is French....I believe Cherif must have been haunting my dreams when I pictured our hero! *VBEG*
To sum up the story, I recieved a few emails from none other than the gorgeous hottie himself giving me permission to use the photos. heavy sigh, what a sweetie! I've also aquired a few more!
Given the nature of my discovery, I've decided to give Jacque LaFleur the middle name of Cherif...also blessed by the dreamboat himself!
Jacque Cherif LaFleur....has a nice ring to it, eh?!
In another strange twist...the whole incident has reminded me of another novel in the works...see "No Other Man" under Novels in the Works! page.... Thanks Cherif! (waving and blowing kisses!)
And a special thanks to Nancy at RRAH for your help in discovering who the mystery man was!


Cherif Fortin

AKA ...Jacque Cherif LaFleur in "CORSAIR COVE"

Thank you so much, Angela.  I am truly honored to be included in your book in this way.  I sincerely hope you have a run-away best seller on your hands with Corsair Cove.

Please let me know when I can go out a buy a copy, if the release date changes from August of 08. 

Thanks again,


Here's a painted version Cherif created!
Cherif Fortin


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