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The key to life is balance.

A little about me...
I'm one of those people with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding. I've learned to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Research, research, research! Keep in mind, ignoring facts won't make them go away. *grin*
Give back to the planet. (See my 'Fav Links' page for a few ways to help out!) We ARE the World...if we continue to destroy our rivers, oceans, rainforests and air -- thus, sending countless numbers of species into extinction, where does that lead us?

Where do my ideas come from?

Like lots of authors, I often dream my stories.  I wasn't quite aure how I wanted to end Adrian's Angel and one evening I went to sleep and wa-la!--
 I woke up at 1:30 am and grabbed the note pad by the bed and wrote down the perfect ending played out moments before in my dream!
      I LOVE when that happens! 
Ideas pop into my head at the weirdest moments. I've even had to pull off the side of the road to jot down an idea so I won't forget later.
Honestly, I think I do my best writing in my sleep....perhaps that's why I relate so well to Phantom of the Opera....
I love the way my characters seem to 'take over' the story and have learned to just go with it...When I fight it, I get writers block, lol.... In my surrender, my characters lead me down the path of love, laughter and tears in a way that only they can.

Interest include:

Phantom of the Opera

I enjoy reading, writing, dancing, watching movies...Phantom of the Opera-my all-time fav! (LOVE the soundtrack as well. Especially the movie version-Gerard Butler is my fav Phantom...!), P.S. I Love You (also staring Gerry Butler AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan--YUM!) Highlander movies and Series (Adrian Paul); Attila (fell in lust with Gerry Butler in this fabulous TV miniseries from 2001-- excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.); Titanic, The Count of Monte Cristo, City of Angels are some fav's, I LOVE Daniel Day-Lewis and Johnny Depp...I'm a sucker for horror films--not gory--I love the older ones: Bram Stoker's Dracula & Mary Shelley's Frankenstein top the classics. Everything Alfred Hitchcock!
A few-- I say few because there are soooo...many-- of my favorite fiction authors are: Jane Austen; Diana Gabaldon; Anne Rice, Laurell Hamilton; Alexander Dumas; Stephen King; Emily Brontė...
Other interest include: Egyptology, Archeology; anything old....antiques are layered with veiled secrets just begging for someone to unfold their story.
I like a wide range of music from Classical to Raggae, Opera to KISS.
I LOVE research and often get distracted when working on a novel.

Josh Bernstein
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